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Rolls Royce visited schools, colleges, and University’s to set a competition to design their future logo for another one of their company’s. I was humbled and slightly overwhelmed to win the competition

Below are 6 ideas I have submitted for a Rolls-Royce competition for a team they are putting together named “Mature Large Engines” how ever I was told that they love abbreviations and would not mind “MLE” if would better suit my design.

They ensure the engines are reliable and maintain/repair the engines in service. Something they did not want to see was ‘fans’ as they believe they are overdone. Other than that the logo was to be minimalistic

When setting out to create the logo, my initial goal was to build a new visual identity that represents the ‘brains behind the planes’. I wanted to use a paper plane to symbolise what goes on behind the scenes of a company famous for building and maintaining engines. The brief mentioned that one of the most valuable parts of the Rolls Royce business is through selling its engineering expertise. 

I created a paper plane to illustrate these points. I was fascinated by how the building of a plane will begin with the knowledge of engineering. Essentially, the designs for the engines and the planes all begin on paper. As the work progresses, ideas develop and evolve from paper to the finished product of a plane.

Ultimately, it’s the brains behind the plains that develop ideas from paper to planes.

After meeting with the team at Rolls Royce, looking around and discussing the future of the design, they drew a rough sketch of a few of my ideas in one that they would like me to create digitally, the above design is what I sent back.

Still not 100% satisfied they wrote back explaining a few more changes they’d like making to the design to make it exactly how they want it. Above is the final design created for Rolls Royce, which they said portrayed their message perfectly.

I have loved working and meeting with the team over at Rolls Royce these past few months and this whole experience has taught me so much for the future.

  • Client:Bearsthemes
  • Date:May 14, 2018
  • Tags:photography, agency, creative
  • Project Type:Multipurpose Template

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