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As my dad met with Gary Vaynerchuk for a second time this year he naturally wanted his video to look the best it could be with the very warm colours toned down. I removed mistakes, stutters, and pauses.

After correcting the colours I also reduced the blindingly white background among a few other changes to improve the quality of the video.

Before and After Colour Correction

For the beginning of the video I wanted to capture the viewers attention straight away with a compilation of the multiple moods throughout the interview. Below is a gif of said intro.

Finally I needed to make a thumbnail for the video and is shown below. I had the background of the first greeting exchanged; then Vaynerchuk laughing and ranting on either side of the photo, once again showing the variety of moods through out the interview.

  • Client:Neil Hughes
  • Date:May 14, 2018
  • Tags:Video, Podcast
  • Project Type:Video

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