About Me

To summarise a few of my achievements I have animated a short video for you to get a brief understanding of who I am in 1 minute and 12 seconds.

Seen the video but still want to know more?

My name is Louis Hughes, and I’m an aspiring Graphic Designer.

I enjoy meeting new people, building relationships, working as a team player but equally working on my own and using my own initiative. In a professional environment, I am passionate about working with people and trying to learn something from every person I meet. I also enjoy collaborating with team members that I admire and respect to ensure that everyone contributes their ideas and perspectives.

I began learning how to use Photoshop in 2013 at the age of 12. I remember seeing a picture online manipulated by a photographer. There were multiple clones of himself doing various activities in the same room. This blew me away and inspired me to make similar pictures. With no prior knowledge of Photoshop, I watched many tutorials covering everything from the uses of each tool to start to finish image manipulations.

Unfortunately, most of said edits have been lost in time with the change of computers, etc. However, I did find one of my earliest attempts on an old Instagram account I had at the time. Twelve years old with nothing but time and Photoshop CS6, I uploaded one of my first attempts on the software. with no shadows added, or colours changed, it was the beginning of my biggest passion.

Instagram post from 2013

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