College Comic Book


This is a comic book I had been asked to create as part of my college course. The client brief states to develop a brand-new graphic novel or comic for a teenage audience. This should be an original story that will introduce the character and main narrative. It has been asked for by the mental health charity Mind to develop a comic to promote body positivity amongst teenagers, the theme is “love the skin you are in” and they want you to create a comic that relates to this somehow. The comic should promote equality and acceptance, that no matter what gender, age, ethnicity or body shape people are that they are perfect the way they are.

I will be self-‘publishing’ in hardback and softback, this is so I will earn more profit while spending less paying for production but will also having full creative control of my content. I will also release the comic online so people can buy and download it to watch on their smart devices, one disadvantage to this is that people could upload my comic to pirating sites and get it for free, losing me a lot of income.


The digital comic produced is about an extremely tall and short person who swap bodies after hating the ones they are already in, soon after changing they start to realise the benefits of their previous height. Over the course of the short comic the two protagonists come to terms that every body has its pros and cons and no one is truly perfect. The genre is comedy and is aimed at both men and women from the ages of 8-30 this is because there is no foul language or behaviour and if fun for all ages. 


There are two main characters, one named ‘X’ who is short and ‘Y’ who is tall and this is for a couple of reasons, one being the physical forms of the letters, Y is tall and quite ‘skinny’ while X appears shorter and bolder. The actual use of X and Y are usually used as placeholders, weather in maths or daily life; the point of naming them this is because x and y could be anyone, they are placeholders for anyone who sees themselves in the characters. 


I designed my first character to look like an average man, the shirt and tie show that he’s a working man, smart, professional, everything you’d expect an insecure, depressed guy not to look like. I also gave him a moustache for I think this gives him a fatherly feel. This is a sketch of how one of my final character will look. 

As I am going with a cartoon style, my second characters moustache is bigger than his head; I did this to add a ‘cuteness’ to the character. If I had added a big beard and moustache to a regular sized head, he’d come off dominant and intimidating. In the resting face of my character ‘Y’ he doesn’t have a mouth showing; this is to add to the simplicity of the character while also adding an almost dainty feel to him. With them both having moustaches, it almost unites them, they have something in common physically as well as mentally. 

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